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thedarjeeeling asked: Hey Jennifer, are you aware of the fact that you are pretty much the QUEEN of Tumblr? Many blogs here are dedicated to your awesomeness so I felt like you needed to know that. Thank you!!
JL: Thanks, no I didn’t. I never go on Tumblr and look myself up but I’ll do that later. No, I’m kidding I won’t. That wouldn’t be good for me

wearethemockingjays asked: Jen, there are tons of quotes from you after first meeting people. What did you say when you first met Francis? 

JL: I apologized for being late because I imagined our breakfast being at a totally different restaurant and I spit egg in his ham. I was talking with my mouth full and it was the first time I was meeting with my new boss and a piece of egg flew out of my mouth it was like “Woooo” in slow motion.
sherlockox asked: Francis, from the trailers this film looks absolutely incredible and true to the book, but is there anything you couldn’t put into the film you wish you could have?

FL: I think we got a lot in there. We worked really closely with the author of the books and worked to get all the memorable scenes and sequences. I’m pleased with the amount we were able to get into this movie. I think fans will be really happy about it.

becausejennifer asked: Jennifer, what was your favorite food you tried in Hawaii?

JL: I can only think of the foods that I did not want to try but did try in Hawaii. Spam sushi, which he (Francis) liked, and I didn’t want to try. And I ate raw fish. Which was awful. Scales.  But the mojitos at my hotel were great.

FL: The spam sushi was good. It was good.

heydontyouworry asked: For both of you, what was the funniest moment on set?

JL Oh, the butt. Me getting Sam’s trident. we were in the middle of doing this scenes with the monkeys, There were all these choreographed fight. Something just whipped my butt. Something slapped my butt. We’re watching playback. Josh is telling me it’s ancient spirits and I’m believing it. Then we slowed down. The end of Sam’s trident and flew off and whacked me in the butt. There was a red mark on my butt. That was funny.

FL: You thought it was some prehistoric bugs.

riversnogs asked: Jennifer, did you mime when you ran into the invisible barrier in the jabberjay scene or did they have something there? Because if it is the former, you are an awesome mime!

 JL: Oh, um yeah I mimed in that. I was a mime

fan-of-thg-trilogy asked: Jennifer, if you could keep one thing from the Catching Fire set, what would it be? 

FL: I liked Finnick’s trident.  

JL: And the necklace.

FL: Or the locket.

JL: I was going to say my bow. It was cooler than the first movie. It was heavier, which was worse. I first saw it and thought it was awesome. But after carrying it on the set, I was like ‘Get rid of it, I never want to see it again.’ So yeah, maybe the locket.

randompicsfromy3ds asked: Jennifer, how good are you exactly at using a bow and arrow?

FL: She’s really good.

JL: I was trained by an Olympian so I can’t brag about it and I had really great instructors. I hit three bullseyes once. I can’t do that whenever I want but sometimes it does happen.

jennifersociety asked: Hey Jen! If Panem was real, would you prefer to live in the districts or be a Capitol citizen?

JL: Um, I think I’d go in the middle. Maybe do like District 2 so I’m not a complete a-hole by living in the Capitol but I also get nice things. Or District 4 because there’s water, I like water. So, yeah, one of the early districts.

theperksofbeinga-jenniderp asked: Jen, out of all of the cast members, who do you think would get the most sponsors?

JL: Probably Liam. He’s huge.

FL: Because he’d be good?

JL: The guy’s huge, he’d survive. But Josh is very cunning and a great dancer.

hairdye-frenchfry asked: Francis, if you were to create the Catching Fire movie from another character’s perspective (rather than Katniss’s), who would you choose?

 FL: I think Effie because she’s interesting, odd and quirky. It would be interesting to see it through her eyes.

smilieber-dreams asked: Jennifer, who was your teen crush?

JL: My teen crush. Justin Timberlake. Early 90s Justin Timberlake. I remember buying the N Sync CD. Remember how CDs had the pullout picture things? I got so overwhelmed with hormones I almost threw up. Or it would be the Lawrence Brothers. And a little bit of early Kirk Cameron.

stubb0rnloves asked: Jennifer, how have your fans changed your life?! We love you! 

JL: I’ve never been a part of such a fan base. When you’re on set and you get excited about it you can see it as the fans see it, you can appreciate it. 

FL: For me, it’s pretty early days. None of the fans have seen the movie yet so I’ve felt tons of support. I’ve seen tons of positivity but it’s still pretty early but we’ll see when they see the movie.

mcconorful asked: Francis, if you were entered into the Hunger Games what would be your plan of action? Would you, like me, hide in a lake and do your best walrus impression to go unnoticed? Or would you be more courageous and try to win through force?

FL: No, I would definitely hide. I think there are a couple of characters that have won previous games. They’re called the morphlings, for those who know the books. And I think I would follow their route and that’s basically hide until everyone else was dead. I think that’s probably my route. I’m a big chicken. 
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