Hack More Than Billion Account By Russian Gang !!!

A Russian gang is said to have stolen more than one billion internet credentials, possibly making it the biggest heist of its kind, according to a new report from The New York Times. Milwaukee-based security firm Hold Security discovered records of this criminal activity, the Times reports. The records included confidential material from 420,000 websites, such as 1.2 billion username and password combinations and more than 500 million email addresses. These attacks are said to have ranged from small websites to large companies, and websites inside Russia have also been attacked. The criminals behind the attacks have not sold any of the information online, but appear to be using the credentials to spread spam. The hackers aren’t believed to be connected to the Russian government. (http://www.businessinsider.com/)

قامت عصابة روسية من تهكير اكثر من بليون حساب واوراق اعتماد واوراق مهمة على الانترنت وفق صحيفة New York Times فقد تكون هذي اكبر سرقة في التاريخ من نوع جرائم الانترنت….فقد قضت هذي السرقة على 420.000 موقع منهم 1.2 بليون حساب مع الارقام السرية وايضا اكثر من 500 ايميل !!
فقد شمل هذا الهجوم على الشركات الصغيرة والكبيرة حتى المواقع في روسيا نفسها قاموا بمهاجمتها !

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