SDCC – Wonder Woman revealed!!

Just now, Warner Bros has showed a slideshow in San Diego Comic Con with concept art for Batman, Superman … and Wonder Woman!

Zack Snyder took the stage and said “Yeah, hey! How’s it going? So we were shooting last night, I jumped on a plane to come here this morning. I couldn’t be happier with the way everything is going. Normally when people come to these things, they bring SOME shots, SOME footage or something, but we’re shooting righ tnow!” and he continues “Okay, okay, we have a teeny little thing!”

After that he said let’s bring few of my friends and Ben Affleck with Henry Cavill showed up on stage and he continues with announcing Gal Gadot with Wonder Woman picture revealed.

قامت شركة وارنر بروس ممثله بالمخرج زاك سنايدر بالكشف عن صورة Wonder Woman من فلم Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. حيث اعتلى سنايدر المسرح وأعلن بأنه قد قام بتصوير مشهد أمس وقام بالتخطيط للظهور اليوم في مؤتمر Comic Con اليوم ومعي بعض الصور والآن سأجلب بعض من الأصدقاء ليعتلي كلا من الممثل بن أفليك و هنري كيفيل المسرح ثم قام بنداء الممثلة Gal Gadot وتم عرض صورة Wonder Woman على المسرح.

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