Battlefield Hardline Story Details

The story apparently follows a cop known as Nick who is framed after a drug-bust gone wrong. In order to clear his name and get to the bottom of this treachery, Nick has to go undercover. This will allow players to see the story from both sides, giving a nice little dynamic to the story Details pertaining to the making of the story include the creative director of the game Ian Milham describing the game landscape as “desert, Breaking Bad meth country.” Other details revealed about the story show Eugene Byrd and Kelly Hu will play major roles in the story. Benito Martinez from Sons of Anarchy will play a role as well as Mark Rolston from The Sheild. A writer from the hit show Justified, Wendy Calhoun will be a story consultant. The story seems to have a lot of talent behind it that may mean the difference between another terrible cop-out (no pun intended) of a single-player and an actually interesting story. While it is a sightly cliché setup, the talent backing it is great gives me hope the story will be well written and engaging this time around (http://www

كشف استيديو Visceral Games في فعاليات Comic-Con عن تفاصيل للعبة Battlefield Hardline اليكم التفاصيل: 

1- هناك شرطي اسمه Nick يريد تبرئة اسمه من تهمة تسهيل دخول المخدرات من حدود البلاد.
2- يجب على الشرطي Nick ان يكون متخفيا ويتعامل مع المجرمين (جاسوس)
3- اللعبة ستكون على شكل مسلسل الشهير Breaking Bad 
4- نجوم هولوود سيشاركون في اللعبة مثل Eugen Bird & Kelly Hu & Benito Martinez 

حيث ستصدر اللعبة عام 2015 

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