Amazing 3D street art by Kurt Wenner.

Here is the first collection from the 3-D artist Kurt Wenner, the – used to be- NASA employee who uses mathematical skills to create three-dimensional illusions cross world’s streets. 

This is his first work where he used real people and there reflection in 1982 in a Swiss-Germany documentary Festival in Grazie Di Curtatone, Italy.

These spectacular works need to been seen from the right angle and to stand on the right place as you can see bellow, they look like they are standing on Spiderman lines. Kurt started his work in 1982 when he said goodbye to the space and moved from USA to Italy to work on his talent. 

He says:“The pieces look real because they are calculated to be perfectly and mathematically accurate. It’s exactly how they would look if the objects in my paintings were actually there. I use a piece of string to measure fixed points between the viewing location and the painting. This lets me calculate exactly how the perspective should be. It takes me around five to seven days to complete an average sized piece”.

He made this street art in Rome 2008 to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Leonardo Di Vince’s arrival to Milan. 
He called this art “The Armchair Traveller” in Waterloo station in London in 2010.
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