أفخم 13 سيارة في 2013 !! قائمة أعلنتها Detroit Auto Show

خلال المعرض السنوي الذي تقيمه North American International Auto Show والذي أقيم في Detroit ما بين 19 – 27 يناير الحالي، تم تقديم أكثر من 50 سيارة جديدة تم طرحها هذا العام أو سيتم طرحها في وقت لاحق من 2013 ومعظم الشركات العالمية شاركت في هذا المعرض أهمها Mercedes-Benz ، BMW ، INFINITY, Audi, Hyundai وغيرها من الشركات المصنعة للسيارات. وقد تم تخليص هذه اللسته الى أفضل 13 سيارة في المعرض وتم ترتيبها من المثيرة الى الأكثر اثاره وذلك على حسب عدد الزوار وعوائد المبيعات. 

The allure of Nissan’s upscale marque has long been inscrutable to us, a fact we heretofore blamed on our German-brand-slut preferences. But this amorphously attractive new vehicle—the replacement for the best-selling G37—was revealed following a performance by Cirque du Soleil. We take this as a clear indication that no one at Infiniti has any idea what the hell is going on with its brand, either.
Photograph by Brett Berk.

12 – Jeep Grand Cherokee DIESEL
We’ve long held that the Grand Cherokee is the best domestic S.U.V. available. But it’s a bit guzzly. The addition of a thrusty diesel engine—which gets 30 m.p.g. on the highway and can travel nearly 750 miles between fill-ups—makes this newly LEDazzled brick significantly more tempered and alluring.

11- BMW M6 Gran Coupe
It’s been difficult for us to warm to the Bavarians’ four-door coupe—perhaps because its face resembles the Central American agouti, and we had an unfortunate run in with one of these once in a kitchen in Costa Rica. But the addition of the 560 horsepower engine from the M5/M6 helps offset this, significantly.

10- HYUNDAI HCD-14 Concept
t’s big, it walks a disconcerting line between luxurious and garish, and like its forebear, the Genesis, it’s wildly derivative of its rivals. It could be a French Audi A7. Yet it finally does away with Hyundai’s steroidal bulges-and-cuts styling, to create something that edges toward elegance.

Our love affair with Audi’s sail-tailed hatchback is well documented. And though its V8-powered S-version failed to properly tickle our cockles, its enrichment with an upgraded engine from the outrageous S8, provides more than the recommended daily allowance of oomph and ah.

8- BMW 4-Series Coupe Concept
We love the BMW 3-Series enough to own one. And though we’re square, four-door sedan types, we have to say that this lovely new two-door is cruising us pretty hard. Other folks are worried about BMW’s sudden shift from odd to even numbers in its coupe nomenclature, but that’s just piffle; the cognoscenti know that no one cares what cars are named anymore.

“Downsizing is the new upscale,” has been our mantra for years, heralding the imminent onslaught of small, premium cars. This is one of the first to arrive in America, and—despite the 737-wing-print embedded in its flanks—if this is what the future of entry-level luxury looks like, consider us entry-levelheaded.

The outgoing E was styled like the ice at Rockefeller Center, with a swirling abundance of unrelated grooves. This refreshing update Zambonis those away for clean lines and a tucked-in silhouette that could have been designed by Raf Simmons. This overpowered E63 AMG version adds just the right amount of Wheee! Help! Yes!

We love BMWs. We love wagons. And while this April arrival entices us with the Bavarians’ smoothly potent turbocharged four-cylinder gas engine and all-wheel drive, we’re even more exhilarated by the confirmation that a diesel version will appear in the fall, likely priced in the high $30s to mid-$40s and likely delivering E.P.A. m.p.g. figures in a comparable range.

In early 2009, when the ELR concept emerged—named like an Estonian hustler—we asked it to gay-marry us. Of course, such practices were still illegal back then. But by the time this luxurious, devoutly creasy, extended-range electric comes out this fall, we’re likely to see these antiquated restrictions overturned. And you’re all invited to the wedding.

The seventh generation of Chevy’s “plastic fantastic” (C7) finally hoisted its fiberglass petard upon us in Detroit. We join ranks in celebrating its more efficient V8 engine, its handsomely Italianesque styling, and a rejuvenated interior that now looks more like it belongs on a flagship than a shipwreck. But thenwe get around back. Is Camarobu an animal? If so, this thing is wearing its hindquarters.

We’re obsessed with the Mercedes E-Class Wagon. And with good cause. It’s not only the best-looking Benz currently on the market, it’s versatile—with standard all-wheel drive across the range; room for seven passengers in E350 guise; and Lamborghini-like acceleration in its E63AMG getup. Now updated with even classier, classic styling. Buy one, smell like money, keep it forever.

The name, which simply means “four doors” in Italian, belies the heart-stirrer herein represented. Longer, wider, more potent, and more luxurious than the car it replaces, it’s also lighter and more efficient. And while you may think of Maseratis in the same category as outrageous supercars like Lamborghinis, this delectable sedan—Ferrari engine and all—will be priced competitively with its staid German cohorts, straddling both sides of the $100,000 mark (dependent on trim). The previous Quattroporte pretty much launched this column into relevance. If we had to choose an automotive spirit animal, the new Quattroporte would be it.

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