Adam Lambert – Never Close Our Eyes [New Music Video]

This is the New music video by Adam Lambert from his New Album “Trespassing” which rocked number 1 on the Billboard 200 tops. Before the album released Adam released single “Better than I know Myself” and I talked about it (Here) . And the Idea of the music video was such an Amazing one !! 

And now Adam released a new music video for one of his new songs in the last album “Trespassing” and the song called “Never Close Our Eyes”. The music video is a short Si-Fi movie about a place where they are blind for the freedom and the truth. I loved the video but I still briefer that Adam goes in “Better Than I know Myself” style … I really loved the simple videos. He is a good actor and no doubt about that. And I also loved the end of the video.
Enjoy the video and the Exclusive pictures for the New Music Video “Never Close Our Eyes”.

All Copyrights goes to Vevo and Adam Lambert .

The Video


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