King OF Romance : Miss you Hannah Montana

I really miss that show, my favorite show from Disney. Hannah Montana will always be the best. 5 years ago, everyone was happy with this “new” show called Hannah Montana. She was the most amazing and funniest girl. I’m really proud to be one of her fans. 

Even now Miley Cyrus is my favorite singer, Yes her real name is Miley Cyrus. I just missed the Show so much. I always remember when it started it was OMG is this show is REAL !! Finally, Disney got back from the boring shows. 

And it turned to it now ! so boring channel without Miley. And the best thing was the songs, Nobody’s Perfect, Make some noise, The BEST OF BOTH WORLD, I miss you, The Climb, Every Part of Me, whenever I go, Bottom of the ocean and more !! These songs still running in my head. 

Love you Miley (Hanna Montana) …. I miss you 

I’ll always remember – Hannah Montana


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