MOVIES: 4 movies in 1 Week !

All these movies I saw them last week and it was crazy 


I simply rated 3/10 ….. I slept in the movie and it was so boring movie 3 only for the action sense. 

– Journey 2 

It was a funny movie to just watch it in 3D and the story was , okay . The problem was that in the 1st 10 min … They knew the place of the mysterious Island, they lost in the island, the searched about the other books who talked about the island all their plane crushed because of tornados !! 

I give it 5/10

– The VOW

One of the best romantic movies, as always Nicholas Sparks chucked us with the simple romantic stories that inspired by a true story. Such a lovely movie to watch in Valentine’s day and also to see a beautiful story without +18 sense … just to make it simple and real. I cried in the movie and I don’t care … but I loved the end. 

I give it 8/10

– This Means War

Such a great romantic-comedy movie, And action also . We can have fun by watching a movie like that . Funny, interesting and romantic movie about 2 spy guys who love the same girl and they tried to make her love one of them …. and they challenged themselves to get her heart. 

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