A Death Dance

A Death Dance 

Sometimes … your soul can dance without your body

This symphony started with a big tone 
I was trying to dance with my wings 
And all what I felt was the pain 

There is something pull my dream away
And there is someone pushing me away through 
Through my pain …. through my believe 

It’s really hurting me 
My scars are bleeding 
And it’s will not stop

I need you to take care of me 
I need you in my life as a partner not as an extras 
I need your hug … I need you body to warm me 
I just need you so bad

I still can’t dance but am trying my best to continue the show 
My life is falling apart while I am dancing and moving 
Can’t believe this is the play of what they are calling it Life

It’s hard … to move … my pain is become deeper and killer 
It’s hard … I am asking you to help me 
It’s hard … I am still bleeding …. and am seeing a light become closer
It’s hard ……. ………

king of Romance – KHALED NASER

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