Poem: Queer Queen

Queer Queen

It was the story of a beauty queen 

In her old greek kingdom 
She was known for her strong and kindness 
Every kings, Every princes and every slaves were admire on her 

But there was a story behind and seriously 
She couldn’t tell anyone even her dad
Her heart was belong to someone else with her mind
But for zillion of reasons she couldn’t have that one, so bad

Her beauty was so difficult to understand 
So mystery and magic in her eyes
Her lips were so red such as roses 
Her hair was brown like woods
Everyone was asking for a kiss or a touch

Rome, England, China and even Persia 
All were around but only one can make her satisfy 
She was totally in love with a big secret behind
She didn’t wanna live with a shame around 

She met in the nights
The slave from Spain
They were so sexy and lovely nights
The Queen loved the slave 
And that even that she didn’t follow the Queer 

King Of Romance – Khaled Naser

This is another version of the same poem by Lalou Ben Yahya

this is a story about a beauty queen,

rulling over her old greek kingdom,

she was known by her strong but yet kind and fair personality,

and thats what made every king,every prince and even slaves 

hunger for her beauty,

her gracefulness was hardly irresistible,

the mystery in her eyes were incredibly magical,

the softness of her lips were insanely desirable,

and so everyone would kill and be killed to reach her label,

but there was a story behind why she neglected every proposal,

in which she kept it inside her own little closure,

her heart belonged to someone else,

but for thousands of reasons she haven’t told anyone hence,

and so battles from rome ,england, china and even persia,

all fought for her but she only needed one,

the only one who was capable to satisfy her,

to touch all her feelings and to immensely care,

they used to met at night,

under the astonishing candle’s light,

the slave of spain she was,

and without been dykes; they were both purely nd passionatly in love.

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